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SCC Performance are the leader in Atlanta for premier aftermarket wheel fitments and ride vibration correction. Our staff have been selling aftermarket wheel fitments for over 20 years and have studied fitment and car / truck / suv applications. Please give us a call and you will know the true difference between our staff and others. We suite automobiles of all kinds and have applications for most all late model cars, luxury, trucks,sports car and Suvs from Bentley, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Bmw, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover (our specialty).


Buying tires may not be the most pleasant purchase, so we will make sure that the best decision for you is made every time. We understand that quality varies depending upon the eyes of the beholder; therefore, we are here to better serve you rather than making a purchase based upon price alone. Our goal is to fit you with the most valuable quality attribute and give you a great price. Our products categories of which we service is mud tires, hwy tires, passenger street and performance tires, and commercial light truck tires. The brand which we keep in stock are as follows buy not limited to: Michelin, Uniroyal, Sumitomo, Toyo, Nexen, Lexani, Pirelli, Continental to name a few.


We have the latest diagnostic software to properly diagnose your engine, transmission, module problem with accuracy. Our technicians are dealer trained and studied at Universities for Automotive, Business, Engineering, etc. We can assure you that your job would be done with quality and over 30% less than the dealership backed behind 12,000 or 12 month warranty. Our specialty includes Suspension, Brakes, Diagnostics, Oil leak repairs, Overheating repairs, HVAC Repairs, check engine lights, and electrical problems. We also do major repairs and our prices surpasses our competition.